About Us

Ganderflankers  is a music troupe based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. We perform with our giant Jack in the Green once a year at the BoA Green Man Festival in May.

We use Wiltshire traditions of giants, black dogs and white horses to tell the eternal story of Summer’s fight to overcome Winter, or, for the more bloodthirsty, of Alfred’s battle against the Danes at Edington, or (don’t even think it) to reflect the rivalry between the black Border and white Cotswold styles.

Tradition has always evolved to reflect the times so we draw on two influences: the Morris dancers’ simple set of compered dances, and the Mummers’ Play’s theatrical focus on heroes and villains. We fuse them into a unique, theatrical style with an air of mystery, weaving dance, music, song, beasts and pithy narrative into a lively non-stop performance.