Gander Dancers

We dance predominantly in a wild Border style as its simple stepping is quicker to learn than Cotswold especially for a group that assembles just once a year. But our performance involves more than just dancing as we are acting out a whole story.

We are seeking enthusiastic, committed dancers with attitude (and lots of them) for our annual performance at the BoA Green Man Festival in mid May. Everyone is more than welcome but we are particularly seeking experienced dancers from all types of local dance groups, not just Morris teams. We want to borrow you not steal you for a few practices (Jan to May) and for an hour or so on the Green Man Festival day. We fully accept that most of our dancers will dance with their normal teams for the rest of the year and at the festival.

If enough people are interested a smaller group could continue year round and appear at other local traditional events, see here. If that works we’d want to draw in younger people, especially teens to 20’s.

Lots of you will know Fran Flanker our great teaching Foreman who’ll bring dancers up to performance level. 

Contact Fran here for more information about dancing.